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Social anxiety and Doritos

Discussion in 'Noob Introductions' started by Minhsane, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Minhsane

    Minhsane New Member

    It all started with my parents, they loved sports cars but sold them to raise a family, and I remember reading about the rotary engine when I was in middle school, barely old enough to work on a car let alone realize what is going on. No matter how unreliable or impractical the rotary engine was, nothing could convince me to buy a different car, I was determined to get my own pair of rotating doritos. Enough about personal life, onto the doritos.

    I acquired the car about a year ago from the second owner who rather did not know about routine maintenance and used the cheapest gas and oil available to them. The car had 2 holes in the dash for a phone mount and featured shoddy wiring and a hack ac system. Needless to say the car needed more work than I initially thought.

    After a week in her yard, I limped the car and its title home to where I had more tools to work on it. I began the restoration project to turn this dorito powered car into a daily over the course of one year.

    Mods include:
    Intake Cleaning and polish/port with a dremel lol
    Emissions deleted with LRB Speed kit and Napa vacuum lines
    ACV and Shutter valve deleted
    Auto choke converted to Manual for ease of use in MN
    Carb was simplified and rebuilt/boost prepped: no OMP, dashpots, altitude compensator
    Kept vacuum secondaries
    New grade 8 and above hardware in the car
    Cruise Control deleted before it deletes me
    Beehive cooler converted to front mount 25 row oil cooler
    Coolant, Oil change, Diff and tranny fluid change, power steering flush
    All coolant lines replaced -they all blew out when I changed the water pump lol
    AC deleted since I kept stalling
    Brake fluid flush
    New Clutch hydraulic system: new flex and hardline, Clutch Master and Slave

    Planned Mods include:
    Shifter Bushing
    Paint since the car is primer status
    MOOG Idler arm since I have 2 inches of wonder steer
    CS130 Alternator upgrade, I have the alternator but not the pigtail yet
    Coils for leading and trailing since both are producing weak spark lol

    I have not used forums much so I'll figure how to upload pics later lmao
  2. Minhsane

    Minhsane New Member

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