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RX7 Owner from the SE metro!

Discussion in 'Noob Introductions' started by RotaryAffairs, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. RotaryAffairs

    RotaryAffairs New Member

    Hey all, just found out about the site tonight by whom I believe is a member here. My name is Ryan, and I'm 18 year old kid right out of high school. I'm currently working on restomodding an 83 RX7. She's also my summer daily! I live over in St. Paul Park, which is next to Cottage Grove for those who don't know. Anyway here is a picture of the car as she stands, with a buddy's Scion TC in the background.


    and another few just because I like taking pictures of my crappy car. lol.




    So far I haven't really done much to the car, I'm compiling parts as I write this. I've got an SE suspension (axle, spindles, wheels, everything.) sitting in the garage awaiting new bushings and fresh paint before install. I also purchased another interior which I'll be using to make templates and redo my current interior. I'm not 100 percent sure which direction I'm going to go with the car, but I have started a build thread over on RX7 club.

    Which member owns the lowered black speed 3 with vanity plates, and an FB RX7? I can't remember your name right now, sorry :(

    He told me you all host a meet at a Carbones, I assume at the one off of Wentworth? I'd love to go sometime but I more than likely work when it's being held. I work at the Volkswagen dealership off of Robert St. I didn't realize there was a decent sized forum for us MN guys.
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  2. Minhsane

    Minhsane New Member

    It's too bad there are not a lot of active rotary members at the moment... Are you planning to do the SE brake swap?

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