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New from Woodbury

Discussion in 'Noob Introductions' started by Jshuffler, May 31, 2014.

  1. Jshuffler

    Jshuffler New Member

    Hey I'm Jeff! I moved to Woodbury from Philadelphia about 5 months ago and i'm new to the Twin Cities car scene. I'm into Imports, and currently own a 2004 350z and a 2005 BMW 330xi. I Love cars, and i'm sort of a noob. I went to school for business but i've been slowly learning and teaching myself about cars, upgrades, stats, and whatnot. I'm really not a try-hard, just trying to work my way in to the scene. I'm looking for some meet ups to meet some people around here and learn more about possibilities for my current cars.
  2. 1Kris06

    1Kris06 Member

    Welcome, have any pictures of the 330?
  3. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome! I have always loved 350z's and 370z's. Any pics of the cars currently? What do you have done to them?

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