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MNGG Marketplace Rules & Guidelines!

Discussion in 'Vehicles for Sale' started by derrian, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    Rules and Guidelines!

    *These Rules apply for all MNGarageGeeks.com Forums*​

    Important Points

    • If you FAIL to follow these rules, your thread will be LOCKED or will be DELETED

    • Scammers will not be tolerated and will be pursued aggressively

    • While an online community cannot guarantee that someone is trustworthy, MNGG will try its best to maintain trust amongst its Members

    • Politely inform your fellow Members about the MNGG rules and of the risk involved when you purchase something from a Member who does not follow the rules

    Buyer & Seller Requirements

    • Required price for each item for sale. Please no Auctions

    • Required picture of actual item

    Buyer & Seller Guidelines

    • Encourage the use of Paypal, obtaining references from seller, etc

    • Notice: MNGG is not responsible for user's adherence to third party, online payment services Terms of Service (TOS). (i.e. Paypal)

    • Note that all transactions using one of these services are subject to the Terms and Conditions / Terms of Service of these payment services. This includes shipping / handling, taxes and other margin fees.

    • No Surcharges. User Agreement - Receiving Money (section 4.5)

    • Members and Moderators are encouraged to respectfully remind buyers and sellers to adhere to the guidelines for any payment service.

    Additional Notes

    • MNGG is not responsible for items being bought or sold on this website. PLEASE do your research before buying or selling anything in the Marketplace, you are ultimately responsible for your own well being.

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