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Hello All

Discussion in 'Noob Introductions' started by Rotorwerks Racing, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Rotorwerks Racing

    Rotorwerks Racing New Member

    Chad here...

    I'm likin' the flavour of this community.

    Little background, i Race and volunteer with nasa midwest and nasa central. I am currently the Cheif Scrutineer for NASA midwest. Also run a couple of RX7s when i have time and money to do so.

    I do some crew/building work for friends as well.

    Might try to make sonic this week as it will basically be a friday...

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  2. gdoggy77

    gdoggy77 New Member

    Welcome! Hope to see you at Sonic!
  3. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    Nice, more rotary power here. i love it :) Can you explain what NASA is to the noobs (and maybe me, lol)
  4. Rotorwerks Racing

    Rotorwerks Racing New Member

    NASA = National AutoSport Association

    Rather than me explain it, check out nasaproracing.com nasamidwest.com or racenasacentral.com
  5. JohnnyT

    JohnnyT New Member

    Welcome aboard!
  6. Trogdor

    Trogdor New Member

    NASA and racing? We already beat the Russians to the moon dude. Get with is, that was 44 years ago.
  7. Rotorwerks Racing

    Rotorwerks Racing New Member

    NASA jokes are a stretch... ;)

    Doesn't anyone have the desire to track their cars anymore? (and no a parking lot is not a track)

    Another track day open lapping outfit i help organize... findtheline.com
  8. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    I like parking lot racing, lol.
    Granted it is the only racing I have done. But I like being the only one on the course at a time. I will check it out though thanks!
  9. cmspaz

    cmspaz New Member

  10. Grappler

    Grappler <font color="#EF77A6">Super Moderator</font>

    Hurah a proper rx7 appears!
  11. Tinyvan

    Tinyvan New Member

  12. Rewedmiata

    Rewedmiata <font color="#EF77A6">Super Moderator</font>

    Welcome, YA more rotors!!!
  13. ....odd....You wouldn't have happened to sell a set of 4 pot calipers and a stock spoiler in the last year or so would you? I'm pretty sure I;ve seen that car before.....
  14. dorothyfrazier

    dorothyfrazier New Member

    Last edited: May 14, 2014

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