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Discussion in 'Website Support/Help' started by Rowtard, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    This was my main concern and why the forums are split as they are now. :) I'm looking for ease of finding info. Mainly steamed off the fact that we always seem to be looking for DIY info on our phones when working on a car :)

    Once everything is in big buckets then it gets hard to change it later on when we do have a ton of posts. Yes I'm probably thinking big time into the future here. But I tend to like to think big no matter what!

    The Make/Model split up will probably stay no matter what. People get into their thing (The car they drive), and that they get into that BIG. And sometimes dont always mix super well.

    That being said I combine a bunch of forums and killed off others to make things smaller. Still looking at the sub forums though :)
  2. Rowtard

    Rowtard <font color="#EF77A6">Super Moderator</font>

    I agree. I think the current forum setup on the index page is fine.
  3. derp

    derp New Member

    one other suggestion i have is to pull the 'for sale' subforum out of the respective familites, and make a 'for sale' main page item, with:

    autos for sale: whole cars
    auto parts for sale: parts only. wheels, bumpers, turbos, etc
    other stuff for sale: guns, video games, tvs, furniture, etc.
  4. Rowtard

    Rowtard <font color="#EF77A6">Super Moderator</font>

    That would be nice as well. Make it into its own section "Classifieds" of course.
  5. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    I plan to split out the Classified section as People have been discussing here :) It will then be removed from car sections. There will still be a break down at some point, because if i go to a car fourm looking for MazdaSpeed3 stuff. I hate seeing Volkswagen stuff :p



    • Cars for Sale
    • Car Parts for Sale & WTB
      • Some type of Model split :p
      • Some type of Model split :p
      • Some type of Model split :p
    • Other Stuff for Sale
    • Group Buys
  6. derp

    derp New Member

    i still want my own audi section >.>

    there are more models than just 4 6 and 8.

    for the parts for sale, you could have

    -japanese/korean car parts
    -euro car parts
    -domestic car parts
    -wheels/tires for sale
  7. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    There are more models for all the Makes :) We have added some main ones, but can always add more once we get people with those cars coming here. :)
  8. SurlyOldManMN

    SurlyOldManMN New Member

    I think it would be better to trim things down a bit to get some traffic going. If I hadn't found this thread I'd still have no clue what you're really trying to go for with this site, it's too jumbled for me to be able to tell. I also notice there isn't any clear general/community forum. I think that's what the lounge is supposed to be all about, but it doesn't pop at me as a new user.

    The Wednesday night I was able to make it out to had a really nice vibe overall. I think if you focus on community first, fostering that same culture on the forums. Do that and I bet the user generated technical content will follow.
  9. Ne0z

    Ne0z New Member

    Being a forum Admin on such a silly amount of forums in the past I have got to say the different forums for all the makes and models is a terrible idea and in the end they end up just taking up space and never being used how they are supposed to be. The only sites I have seen this work on are global sites in which it is just 1 make. ie: Toyotanation / Nasioc / etc.... it would decrease load times of the site, you'd be able to put all of the technical questions into one area because, lets face it, cars pretty much all work the same, and it would make the site less of a cluster.

    Other than that I do REALLY like this site and it's layout. It is very well made and the only thing I'd change other than that is to replace that rx7 with a sweet blue miata with gold wheels... jus sayin :p lol
  10. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah we had Big discussions on the forums and topics. It is nice to get the model/make specific info (or at least I use it on the Mazda forums I frequent) But I do know it is 'alot' of empty space at this time.

    It was laid of this way thinking of the future, some people understood, some wondered why. It was mainly done, because it is harder to edit in the future. BUT how long will it be until we actually need it? :)

    So, that being said, which sections do we think might be good for a more split out model/make sections? The main one I can think of is DIY since that is more specific to a particular car. But any others?

    Debate! Go! :)
  11. Ne0z

    Ne0z New Member

    If anything get rid of the Models and replace it with DIY/ETC only... and also make a general Car Chat forum where people can post build threads etc.
  12. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    I like the idea of making it just Makes, no models, and then having the thread split outs under them to keep some of the more specific info to be pretty easy to access. But then it won't be so long :)

    There is a Project Car forum under each Model now, BUT I might be changing that soon to just the Make. Just have to get my computer back up and working :)

    Better idea?
  13. Ne0z

    Ne0z New Member

    Much better :)
  14. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds good! I like it too. My main computer is down right now, but as soon as that gets back up I think I'll get to work on changing things around :)
  15. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    So I change things around. :) Almost completely how I had said. :p

    I still have a split out a little bit for areas like Toyota/Scion/Lexus. Where several Makes were under one Family.

    Forum names might still change slightly but for now it helps on page length tremendously!

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