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FS: Custom Rx-7 - Seen on Mazda's Mazdaspeed Website, Rotary Tuner and Super Street Mags

Discussion in 'Vehicles for Sale' started by derrian, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    No I'm not selling this car... I WANT this car, so I'm putting it here so I can keep an eye on it :)



    Year: 1993
    Make: Mazda
    Model: RX-7
    Price: $18000
    Mileage: 107000
    Color: Corvette Grand Sport Blue
    Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing
    Location (US State/Canada/Int): PA

    THIS IS THE ONE !!!! This was Steve Ngan's (owner of Drift Avenue in Chicago) custom built Rx-7.
    Must Sell. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me or call me at 484-905-2488. Thanks for looking.

    The car has been featured on Mazda's Mazdaspeed's website and in rotary tuner magazine (it was on the cover as well), Modified, Super Street and multiple other magazines. If you do a search for "Steve Ngan rx7", you'll find multiple articles.

    There is too much to list on this Rx-7. New items were added to Steve's original design including factory Rx-7 strut tower brace, Corbeau's custom blue/black seats with four point harnesses, a HKS four inch racing titanium exhaust with 5 inch tip (straight pipe from firewall back), hood and sticker removal.

    The 13B-REW's engine has been street ported and includes high performance black "super seal" apex seals. A custom turbo kit with a custom front mount intercooler was added. Also included in the modification list is a Drift Avenue stainless steel manifold, downpipe, and dual Tial wastegates, an HKS air cleaner and an HKS SSQ blow-off valve. The exhaust includes a Petit Racing 3 inch downpipe which leads to a HKS racing 4 inch exhaust that goes from the firewall back to a racing muffler with a 5 inch tip.

    Naturally, adding increased air pressure requires a similar fuel adjustment and an K2RD fuel rail accommodates 1600cc secondary injectors while -6 fuel lines and an Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator make sure the proper fuel is delivered through them. Controlling the complex task of managing fuel and combustion in the 13B-REW's two rotary housings is a Microtech LTX8S standalone engine management system.

    Attention was then turned to enhancing the handling and braking properties of a car that would have almost 500 hp. Tein HA coilovers were fitted to address the suspension department while Brembo cross-drilled brake rotors and EBC Greenstuff brake pads would haul the FD to quick stops. Addressing the exterior aesthetics, an order was put in for a RE Amemiya N1 front bumper cover, as well as a RE Amemiya carbon fiber under sweep, rear skirt, and rear carbon fiber diffuser. To compliment the Amemiya parts, a C West carbon fiber headlight kit, MAZDASPEED side skirts and an equally uncommon FEED adjustable rear spoiler were added. The finishing touches included turn signals and rear tail lights from a '99 RX-7 (Japan-only). Finally, the whole package was sprayed a custom "Corvette blue" and lightweight bronze Volk TE37s wrapped with Bridgestone Potenza SO-3 rubber were bolted on.

    Inside, the makeover is sparse in the performance tradition. The Corbeau racing bucket seats are the biggest giveaway that this is no ordinary RX-7, as is the Cusco 5-point roll cage. The matching Corbeau 4-point racing harnesses adds a splash of color and keep the driver and passenger firmly planted in their seats. Staring straight ahead from the drivers seat, your eyes can train on a variety of informative gauges or the big MAZDASPEED steering wheel in front of you. Information also includes an air/fuel gauge mounted on the steering wheel column and a boost gauge on the a-pillar. A HKS EVC EZ boost controller allows you to turn up or down the wick on the turbo system while a MOMO shift knob is the main switch for choosing between gears 1-5. Under the familiar glass hatch, a Cusco rear strut tie bar has been added for additional suspension stability as well as for dress-up purposes. Finally, a double din Pioneer head unit, Kicker competition speakers (doors, hatch and subwoofer) and a Rockford Fosgate P5002 amplifier are used when the tunes of a 500 hp rotary engine get boring – which is to say rarely.

    Over 50k was invested in this Rx-7. The current motor is burning a small amount of coolant but it runs and drives well. I hate to sell her but we've moved and I need an SUV for winter.

    Many of these parts (i.e. HKS Racing exhaust, Mazdaspeed side skirts, etc) are no longer in production, or are very rare and very difficult to find. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a very unique and special Rx-7.


    - Corvette Grand Sport Blue


    - Drift Aveune turbo kit with dual wastegate
    - Drift Avenue SS manifold
    - Drift Avenue SS downpipe (V-band)
    - 2 TiAL wastegate
    - Custom front mount intercooler
    - HKS air cleaner
    - Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
    - Autometer fuel pressure gauge
    - 6 fuel lines
    - K2RD fuel rail
    - 1600cc injectors secondary
    - Cusco oil catch can
    - Summit brake balancer
    - Taylor spark plug wires
    - NGK spark plugs (9s all around)
    - Samco radiator upper and lower hose
    - N2 AST eliminator kit
    - Polished upper manifold
    - Polished water pump housing
    - Polished thermostat housing
    - Undorthordox main pulley
    - GReddy alternator pulley
    - HKS 4 inch racing titanium exhause (firewall back)
    - Pettit downpipe
    - Microtech LTX8S standalone engine managment system


    - Banzai Racing differental brace
    - ACT organic street disc clutch


    - Cusco 5 point roll cage
    - Cusco rear strut tie bar
    - Tein HA coilovers


    - Volk Racing TE37 (18"x 8.5" F, 18"x 9" R)
    - Brembo cross-drilled brake rotors
    - EBC Greenstuff brake pads


    - RE Amemiya N1 bumper
    - RE Amemiya N1 carbon fiber under sweep
    - RE Amemiya rear skirt
    - RE Amemiya rear carbon fiber diffuser
    - 99 turn signals
    - 99 round tail lights
    - C West carbon fiber headlight kit
    - MAZDASPEED side skirts
    - Feed adjustable rear spoiler
    - Racing hood pins
    - Custom exhaust heat shields
    - Custom Corvette Blue paint job


    - Corbeau racing bucket seat
    - Corbeau racing 4 point safety harness
    - MAZDASPEED steering wheel
    - MAZDASPEED steering wheel hub
    - HKS EVC EZ boost controller
    - MOMO shift knob


    - Pioneer head unit CD player
    - Kicker competition speakers
    - Kicker competition Subwoofer
    - Rockford Fosgate P5002 amplifier

    5.jpg rx7_inside.jpg 42.jpg $(KGrHqJ,!ioE6I1Wf!JEBOsH1CJp3w~~60_3.jpg rx7_side.jpg
  2. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    $17000 now..... God I want it :(
  3. Lindahl#7

    Lindahl#7 New Member

    Absolutely beautiful!!

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