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checking in from apple valley.

Discussion in 'Noob Introductions' started by Monaro, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Monaro

    Monaro New Member

    oh hai!

    i'm TJ -- just attended my first sonic meet last night in the monaro. haven't heard of the group before but it looks like a nice place to be so i'll introduce myself and my cars.

    just moved to the cities about 6 months ago so i dunno anyone or where the hell i'm going yet but i'm looking forward to meeting other gear heads like me.

    currently i have 4 cars all for different reasons of insanity, so here we go...

    first, my Holden Monaro CV8 (fully converted from a GTO) and currently wearing its new rally north america livery:


    next, as well as a new addition my fleet as of this spring, the '06 supercharged range rover. shown with the P38 range rover that it replaced. it makes my 3rd range rover. they're plush, tow great and melt snow in the winter months. some call me insane for owning them. let alone 3. but you'd have to drive one to understand. :)


    and on to the germans...the car that i've owned the longest and been working on restoring for the longest time. my E24 6 series. shown with my former E21 3 series:


    and last but not least my newest toy. adorable, full efficient, low and quick -- the '81 scirocco s.

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  2. JohnnyT

    JohnnyT New Member

    Welcome aboard! Very nice fleet you have.
  3. Trogdor

    Trogdor New Member

    Wow, you really love some a-typical cars! Cool, welcome.
  4. Monaro

    Monaro New Member

    yeah needless to say i don't own anything "common" lol

    it almost certainly has to be some sort or quirky or rare in its own right.
  5. cmspaz

    cmspaz New Member

    Welcome, sir!

    You guys will learn very quickly that TJ is awesome. I met him a few years back down in Iowa and until last night it had been far too long. He'll fit right in. :)
  6. Grappler

    Grappler <font color="#EF77A6">Super Moderator</font>

    Hurah!!! welcome!
  7. Tinyvan

    Tinyvan New Member

    Welcome, some very cool and interesting cars you have there. I may see you around the AV area
  8. 1Kris06

    1Kris06 Member

    Welcome. I saw your monaro/gto in eagan at the promenade (by panda express) last wednesday before sonic.
  9. Monaro

    Monaro New Member

    i work at the verizon wireless store in that strip mall so you can usually find my cars there during the day.
  10. photoshop out the light on your rear spoiler...
  11. AmomentsLyfe

    AmomentsLyfe New Member

    You my friend have a nice taste haha

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