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3nd Annual Porkapalooza - 01/19/13

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by derrian, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    What is a Porkapalooza you ask??
    A porkapalooza is a food/cooking event where all dishes made must contain a Pork product. The more creative you get, the more fun the party is! The easy way out would be to just make a honey baked ham, but how about instead making a bacon cake? With bacon frosting? Now you're talking!

    We hosted one of these at our house last year and definitely want to do another one!

    Date: Saturday, Jan 19th 2013
    Time: 6:00 pm
    Location: 434 Bernard St E, West St Paul

    Details: Please bring a dish to share. And as the rules state above, ANY and EVERY dish brought MUST contain a pork product, or else I might just throw it into the snow :p So if you make Jello, that Jello better have bacon in it :p

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Other activities include several Gaming consoles and general car nutty-ness that goes on :)
  2. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    Who's coming this year?
  3. cmspaz

    cmspaz New Member

    Blargh, I have a LAN that weekend. Not that DAY. That WEEKEND. All 3 days.

    I'll show up, but who knows how long I'll stick around before going back to killing things.
  4. Straitup D

    Straitup D dope

    i must find that bacon beer that i had last winter
  5. Tinyvan

    Tinyvan New Member

    what if a person can't cook to save there life? haha.
  6. Grappler

    Grappler <font color="#EF77A6">Super Moderator</font>

    bring a bacon assortment? burnt bacon, undercooked bacon, and cooked bacon :p
  7. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    Take thick cut ham, spread cream cheese on it, add pickles or green olives in a row. Roll it up and cut it.

  8. derp

    derp New Member

    in so hard
  9. Straitup D

    Straitup D dope

  10. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

  11. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    I hope you all are making some pork masterpieces! We will see you at 6!
  12. derp

    derp New Member

    i'm bringing stuff wrapped in bacon.

    and bacon

    and bacon.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2013
  13. derp

    derp New Member

    I just noticed the battlestar galactica auto edit... and I wholeheartedly approve :D
  14. Straitup D

    Straitup D dope

    I am pooping right now to make room!!

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