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FS: 2003 Ford Mustang

Discussion in 'Vehicles for Sale' started by Rewedmiata, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Rewedmiata

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    Ill take it......

    2003 Ford Mustang Cobra

    This is the 2003 Mustang Cobra from the hugely popular ICON youtube video Motorcycle vs Car Drift Battle 2. If you have not seen it, you can view it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te0V71sGoxA . THIS IS NOT THE CAR THAT IS FLIPPED IN THE END OF THE VIDEO THAT WAS A 240SX CAMERA CAR.

    This car was custom built by Guthrie Racing and Car Crafters in Albuquerque, NM for pro-am drifting and the ICON video. We were planning to use this car in 2012, but due to the extreme popularity of the car and video we have decided to give someone a chance to own this amazing car. Don't worry we will be building another wicked ride for the next video.

    Quick over view of the car:
    Dyno'ed at 490 hp and 490 ft lbs of torque
    Fully customized and modified suspension
    4 point roll cage with Sparco seats and 5 point belts

    a. Upgraded fuel injectors
    b. Terminator throttle body
    c. Custom x-pipe exhaust - no cats or mufflers, stops just past rear axle making it legal for any drift organization.
    d. Custom air intake
    e. Port and Polished supercharger
    f. Billet pulley system for 12 plus lbs of boost
    g. AC compressor eliminator
    h. Aeromotive fuel pump with return system for constant high pressure
    i. MSD 2-step rev-limiter, cuts the ignition before the fuel, unlike the stock ECU and is much better on the engine.

    a. Eliminated the AC condenser for better cooling
    b. Big aftermarket power steering cooler
    c. Steeda heat exchanger
    d. Big aluminum radiator
    e. Dual electric fans for over 2,000 cfm of air flow

    a. Full Maximum Motorsports track package, minus cross member, to remain legal for all drifting organizations. This includes their purpose built dampeners, coil-over adders with correct spring rates, upper camber / caster plates, strut brace, all bushings replaced (including all of the rear IRS bushings), tie rod ends with bump steer adjustment.
    b. Custom blocks were made to relocate the front sway bar to allow for more steering angle
    c. The front lower control arms were all custom fabbed out of DOM tubing. We had to make two different sets. The first set was very close to the stock arms just with more room but we found that we needed more camber and caster so a second set was made an inch and a half longer and we relocated the lower ball joint. Both sets will be included.
    d. Front knuckles were cut and reinforced to allow for more angle and also worked to make sure the bump steer was perfect.
    e. The final alignment was done and a lot of work has been done to make it handle great for drifting. On top of the alignment, the car is scaled and set-up for correct ride height, front to rear balance and cross weight.

    a. All the stock interior has been removed. This includes the heater box, radio, ac, stereo, carpet, headliner, center console, air bags, the stock steering column, etc.
    b. The stock steering column was replaced with a solid shaft and a quick release racing steering wheel.
    c. The ignition, starter, police lights, wipers, fuel pump, and fans are all on a custom carbon dash panel where the old radio was.
    d. The boost gauge, water temp gauge, oil pressure gauge are all mounted on a custom carbon panel.
    e. The headlights still operate from the stock switch.
    f. The RPM, Speed, and other stock gauges work.
    g. Sparco Racing Seats
    h. 5-point racing harness for the driver and a 4 point harness for the passenger
    i. Battery relocated to behind the passenger seat to offset the weight of the driver
    j. 4 point roll cage is in the car currently, this will be legal for most pro-am drifting.

    a. All brake lines were replaced to remove all the ABS from the car and gain a stiff consistent pedal. The lines are all hard lines to each corner and then steel braided lines to the caliper.
    b. The car is equipped with a hydraulic E-brake from ASD motorsports.
    c. The stock T56 transmission still remains in the car, but it was removed and upgraded. The T56 is a great transmission, but it has a known problem with the synchros from 3-4 and problems also exist from 1-2. The upgrade replaces the shift forks and makes other modifications to make the gearbox shift smoother and near bullet proof for the demands this car puts on it.
    d. Axles were replaced during the ICON video after one had an issue.
    e. Welded stock diff for drifting
    f. Car comes with one set of 17" front wheels, 3 sets of 18" rear wheels (all grey one set matches front other 2 are 5 spoke cobra style wheels). Car will also come with a set of 18" Cobra KR replica wheels.
    g. All of the original parts are included with the car should you want to sell the car as a non-race car. Parts include all ac parts, all interior parts including stock seats and belts, Cobra rear bumper (base model currently on car for POLICE decal), door panels, windows, ABS components, fender liners, airbags etc.

    Be the envy of all your friends and own the wildly popular mustang cop drift car. This car would also make a great road course track day car. It comes with stock un-cut knuckles which can be replaced to reduce the steering angle and make the car be a great handling track day car. The miles on the car are over 85,000 all of the modifications were done less then 1,000 miles ago. With this car you could enjoy track days, drift events, car shows, or whatever else your mind can imagine.

    [video=youtube;Te0V71sGoxA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te0V71sGoxA [/video]

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