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FS: 2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited PRICED TO SELL

Discussion in 'Vehicles for Sale' started by Chad, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Chad

    Chad New Member

    I would like to sell my 4Runner. This truck is simply awesome, I just need to find something better on gas. My commute to work is 50 miles round trip and some days I do an additional 25 miles for day care. At an average of 18 MPG I am spending more than $350 a month in gas.

    2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited
    132,xxx miles and climbing
    A/C (works well) And has rear A/C and Heat
    Power seats and windows
    Tan leather
    Wood trimmed dash
    Power sunroof
    Electric push button 4WD High, Other 4WD selections available via transfer case shifter.
    Sony Bluetooth headunit (stock double DIN deck included)

    The good:
    New tires last fall ($700)
    New factory exhaust from the manifolds back including cat and both oxygen sensors ($3400)
    Runs great
    Stops great
    Drives straight

    The bad: In the interest of full disclosure......
    The rear window tracks are shot. Probably rusted out. This is common in these. The window is up and stays up, so if you can live without it, you will be just fine.
    Power antenna doesn't work. Well the motor does, but it doesn't go up and down.
    Even though the Car Fax is spotless there are minor "quirks" as follows:
    The drivers door is ever so slightly out of alignment and uses a different key. The door works perfect.
    There is very minor hail dammage on the roof and hood. Very minor as in just a few shallow dings, no paint issues.
    As you may know, these things are notorious for rust. This particular truck is super clean, it has just a few minor spots. Nothing is rusted through, but there are some bubbles here and there in just a few small spots. It's not horrible and you could clean it up quickly and easily if it bugs you.
    The suspension is getting just a bit bouncy meaning it will probably need shocks soon. It's not bad yet, you might get through until next summer before you NEED suspension work.

    Interior is in fair shape. The drivers seat has a few cracks and small tears in it, mainly along the outside of it, the seating surface is intact. The other seats are in excellent shape. There are some scratches in the dash on the airbag panel, I did those, my bad. there is a very small hole poked in the leather sill of the drivers side rear door. And the carpeted floor in the back is kinda dirty. I used this truck to haul a few car parts. If you were to get a nice detail job this truck would really wow you.

    And the story behind the expensive exhaust repair.....

    About two months ago someone stole my catalytic converter while I was at work. They cut it out and took the O2 sensors with it. The location of the cuts required the replacement of the whole system using Toyota parts, so the exhaust is all new from the flange on the manifolds to the tail pipe and the total repair bill was $3400. I only paid my insurance deductable though.

    Tires are in good shape. They were put on brand new when I bought it last fall. There is maybe 10,000 miles on them now and plenty of tread.

    Like I said, I am only looking to get out of this vehicle to save money on gas. I love this thing to pieces and I bought it to use it's towing and hauling capabilities. I don't tow and haul nearly often enough to justify driving it every day as far as I do. I really want to keep it around, but I simply can't justify the cost of operating it.

    I own the truck outright, but I have not yet transfered the title soley into my name, so if you bought this truck, you would get the title and the lein release letter.

    Now the price. I priced it to sell. I am not taking offers, the asking price is firm.


    I have been offered nearly $6000 trade in. I would like to see if I can get just a bit more and sell it to someone that actually wants it. I have found a car I want, so if this doesn't sell within the next week or two, I'll be trading it in.


    PM me here or e-mail me if you are interested. ctruss53 at gmail
  2. Chad

    Chad New Member

    Pending sale.

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