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FS: 1987 Mazda Rx-7 GXL - $1400 (St. Paul, MN)

Discussion in 'Vehicles for Sale' started by Rewedmiata, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Rewedmiata

    Rewedmiata <font color="#EF77A6">Super Moderator</font>

    1987 Mazda RX-7 GXL - $1,400

    *** Update added to the bottom of the post, sale now includes some extras ***

    If this post is still viewable the car is still for sale, I will delete the post once it's gone!

    133,xxx miles

    Come take a look, this car served as my off again, on again daily driver and would make a fun beater/project car.


    The good:

    • Tires have a good amount of meat left.
    • Replaced front calipers, all four discs and swapped rubber brake lines for braided stainless steel 15,000 miles ago.
    • Water pump replaced 10,000 miles ago.
    • Full Racing Beat exhaust including headers.
    • 15" BBS aluminum alloy convertible wheels.
    • Runs fine once warm, still averages 15mpg during mixed city/highway driving.
    • Not burning coolant or abnormal amounts of oil, runs nice and cool (for a rotary.)
    • Power windows and sunroof function.
    • Emissions and oil injection system removed, runs a 100:1 mix of two cycle oil.
    • Includes Miami Vice mix CD


    The bad:

    • The paint is not the greatest, car has been re-sprayed a couple of times.
    • The body, lots of little dents and nicks, pretty standard for a daily driven 25 year old sports car.
    • Rear wheel bearings are starting to make noise after I garaged the car for a few months.
    • Fuel injectors need work, the car runs richer than it should and there is a small amount of fuel entering the intake overnight so it doesn't run great until it warms up and the injectors start cycling correctly. A fuel cut-off switch is wired in to combat this and usually doesn't need to be used unless the car hasn't been fully warmed up.
    • The interior is fair condition but the driver's seat is a little beat up and a lot of the common weak panels have cracks. Rear seats are installed but only one full set of seatbelts is installed.



    Update: Cleaned out my storage and found a few spare parts, the following will be included in the sale:

    • S5 upper intake, modified to fit on an S4 (includes working VDI actuator.)
    • 320mm knock-off Mazdaspeed steering wheel and the appropriate boss
    • Fiberglass/MDF custom molded sub woofer box, 10" opening, fits nicely in the niche between passenger strut tower and rear of hatch area.
    • S4 headlight switch (was a little flaky, needs a good cleaning and resolder.)
    • S4 blinker switch.
    • Left and right steering knuckles with 5-port hubs.
    • New in box set of rear inner and outer wheel bearings
    • New in box engine side fuel filter.
    • White S5 Turbo II style wing, skin is cracked in a couple of spots.
  2. derp

    derp New Member

    oh that's awfully tempting. too bad i need a winter beater and not a project car.
  3. Lindahl#7

    Lindahl#7 New Member

    Beautiful car, good luck with the sale. Still keeping the FB in the avatar pic??
  4. littlewolf

    littlewolf New Member

    Oh boy....temptation. Temptation....
  5. Rewedmiata

    Rewedmiata <font color="#EF77A6">Super Moderator</font>

    Its not my FC, it a buddy of mine. No the fb I own has no value with the issues it has so that's just sitting till I have the time,money and determination to get that rolling again.
  6. littlewolf

    littlewolf New Member

    I know the post is about a year old but does your buddy still have it?
  7. Rewedmiata

    Rewedmiata <font color="#EF77A6">Super Moderator</font>

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