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  1. waynezy2
    HOUSTON 02subbiers
    Same question, only thing, what BRAND did you use on your ebay turbo, wastegate and stuff like that? Thanks
  3. Drewthexjguy96
    Drewthexjguy96 02subbiers
    You have the boosted xj build? Turboing mine tomorow just had some questions
    1. Drewthexjguy96
      Give me a shout on face book look up my name drew bull
      Oct 3, 2017
  4. Hambones
  5. Minhsane
    I live life 2 doritos at a time.
  6. Hall Jones
  7. derp
    how the hell has this page had over 900 visits? don't you have anything better to do?
  8. Gambliny
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  9. Ghoster22
    Ghoster22 BankerBalt
    omg dude... dont you live in my building haha
  10. greeta3
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  11. miataDude
    what you looking at get back on the forum and post some stuff!!!!